How to Add a Visitor Counter to Your Blog

Have you at any point considered what number of guests are coming to your blog? Introduce a free traffic counter and you can be perusing the details in minutes. The best part is that it is easy to introduce a visitor counter on your blog with these simple tasks.

Utilizing your beloved web search tool, type in the words “site hit counter” or “web traffic counter”. The outcomes will raise a huge choice of suppliers offering a site hit counter for your blog or webpage. Numerous suppliers offer a major determination of various styles of traffic counters. Track down a site that best suits your requirements

    Look at the pages of counters accessible for you to utilize and pick one. It very well may be difficult to pick with such countless extraordinary styles.

    Tick the spiral button for the counter you need and trust that the following page will stack.

    Presently choose if you need to count “all hits” or “special visits as it were”. Whenever somebody visits any space of your site it is considered a “hit”. What’s more a “visit” is a progression of hits produced using a similar client during a timeframe.

    Complete the rest of mentioned and hit submit.

    Duplicate the html code given

    Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to introduce the counter on your blog

Add Counter to a Blogger Blog

    Login to your Blogger record and continue to the Design Tab, Page Elements

    Click ‘add a device, fundamentals” and snap “HTML/Javascript”

    Glue the HTML counter code and hit “save”

    Click on your landing page and the counter will show up on your landing page

Add Counter to a WordPress Blog (free of charge and self-facilitated web journals)

    Login to your WordPress record and continue to your WP Dashboard

    On the left hand side of the dashboard, go to “Appearance” tab, grow and select “Gadgets”

    From the accessible gadgets list, select the “Text” gadget and move it to the sidebar box

    The ‘text’ box will extend. There is no compelling reason to enter a title. Simply glue your HTML counter code into the huge box. Select the “save” button and afterward “close”

    Click on your landing page and the counter will show up on your landing page